Assignment Instructions and Requirements

This assignment must be done individually.  You must do and submit your own work.  However, you may discuss it with anyone else in the class (but no one else). Do not submit identical work with a classmate, or you may be charged with academic dishonesty and will receive a zero for the assignment.

The assignment must be submitted by the due date in accordance with all published requirements. Grading will be based on adherence to instructions, accuracy and completeness of responses, proper writing following standard conventions of English, professionalism of presentation and organization, and compliance with requirements described in the APP Overview and Submission Requirements Overview documents.  Questions are always welcome and should be directed to the course instructor as soon as possible.

This APP must be done in Excel.  It should be submitted in one file with two sheets, named:

  • Problem 1
  • Problem 2

Problem 1:

Die Company manufactures cutting dies for the shoe industry. Each set of dies is custom designed to a customer’s templates. During the first week of May, six orders were received from customers. They were assigned job numbers 1005 to 1010. The following transactions occurred during the first week of May:

  • Smith Die purchased steel on account from Eastern City Steel costing $5,500. The steel is the major type of material used in manufacturing the dies.
  • The company received and paid for supplies (indirect materials) from Mallard Supply costing $2,400.

Material requisitions indicated that materials were issued to the factory floor as follows:

Job No.    Direct Materials             Indirect Materials

1005                 $   650

1006                 $   850

1007                 $1,550

1008                 $   650

1009                 $   450

1010                 $   350

Totals             $4,500                $1,000

The labor time ticket summary reflected the following costs for the week:

Job No.            Direct Labor             Indirect Labor

1005                 $1,600

1006                 $2,000

1007                 $3,300

1008                 $1,400

1009                 $   900

1010                 $   700

Totals             $9,900                 $6,500

  • Overhead was applied to all jobs in process at 180 percent of direct labor cost.
  • Jobs 1005, 1006, 1007, and 1008 were completed and transferred to finished goods.
  • Jobs 1009 and 1010 were still in process at the end of the week.
  • Jobs 1005, 1006, 1007, and 1008 were shipped to customers and billed at 150 percent of total job cost.

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  1. Calculate the total cost of each job.  Show all items and calculations.  Set it up as a table with the Job numbers across the from left to right as the top of columns and the different manufacturing costs on the left in different rows, i.e.:
 Job 1005Job 1006Etc.
Direct materials$ xxx  
Total cost per Job   
  • Prepare journal entries to record the above information. Use May 7 as the date for each journal entry.  Skip a row after each complete entry.  Show all calculations.  For example:

May 7              Raw materials inventory                     xxx

                                    Accounts payable                                    xxx

May 7              Second entry                                                xxx

                                    Second entry                                        xxx           

  • Calculate the ending balance of Work-in-Process Inventory.  Show the calculation.

Problem 2:

a) Information for Jersey Metalworks as of December 31, 2020 follows.  Use this information to prepare the requested reports in good form, with a heading, underlines, and dollar signs.  Show all calculations.

  1. The company’s Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured for the year ended December 31, 2020.
  2. The company’s income statement for the year ended December 31, 2020, reporting separate categories for selling expenses and for general & administrative expenses.
Administrative salaries expense$ 135,000
Depreciation expense–Factory equipment52,400
Depreciation expense–Delivery vehicles36,200
Depreciation expense–Office equipment24,800
Advertising expense22,350
Direct labor268,000
Factory supplies use12,000
Income tax expense91,500
Indirect labor35,000
Indirect material24,000
Factory insurance15,500
Factory utilities14,000
Factory maintenance7,500
   Raw materials inventory, January 1, 202032,000
   Raw materials inventory, December 31, 202028,000
   Work in Process inventory, January 1, 202033,780
   Work in Process inventory, December 31, 202037,460
   Finished goods inventory, January 1, 202056,970
   Finished goods inventory, December 31, 202062,000
Raw materials purchases325,000
Rent expense–Factory50,000
Rent expense–Office space24,000
Rent expense–Selling Space24,000
Sales salaries expense97,500
Sales, net of discounts1,423,000

Make sure to follow all requirements of the checklist.

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