Essay 1.

Moving from an “I “to “We” orientation is critical for your development as a high-performance manager. There are times when leaders are “I” oriented and other times when they are “We” oriented. The transformation from “I” to “We” places leaders in the powerful paradox. Leaders begin to think about if they have to do it all.

Please explain what this transformation means to you and then assess your ability to move into a “We” orientation. When would it be appropriate, for example to leave as an “I” and when to lead as a “We”?

Essay 2.

Tucker and Russell (2004) discuss research on the influence of the transformational leader, but before we examine them closely, let’s turn to several other points. First, please briefly describe the differences between transactional and transformational leaders. Second, how would you describe some of the abuses and dangers of transformational leadership? How could these be counteracted?

Essay 3.

Porter and Kramer (2006) examined the link between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and competitive advantage. Why is the issue of the CSR so important for companies? What are the 4 justifications for CSR that proponents make? Briefly, what steps would you take to create a responsive CSR for your organization?

Essay 4.

What does mindfulness mean? How does Bill George define it?

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