Written Assignment: Writing a Persuasive Briefing Document

In this assignment, you are the retiring CEO of a very successful business. You plan to leave your current position within one year. As a result, you have developed a briefing document that will persuade the Board to hire a new CEO who is a high-performance manager. Using what you have learned in the two books for this course, your assignment is to persuade the Board to hire a high-performance manager. In other words, you must figure out and explain to the Board why it is so important for the Board to hire someone who possesses the characteristics of a high-performance manager.

Be sure to use citations to the readings to support your arguments for each of the characteristics that you feel are important for the CEO as a high-performance manager to possess in order to lead the company to success.

Your briefing document should contain recommendations based on the most important characteristics of a transformational or high-performance manager. Using examples from the course readings, your briefing document should integrate the most critical traits of an authentic leader to demonstrate how these are interrelated. Your document must contain specific examples to support your recommendations.

Your briefing document should be well–organized, rigorously objective, and faithful to the evidence about high performance and transformational leaders presented in assigned readings. The goal of this assignment is to not just dump data but to thoughtfully develop a persuasive argument about why a high performance manager is essential for the company. (George, B, (2015) Chapters 9-12 should apply and Antonakis, J., & Day, D.V. (eds.)(2018) Chapters 12,13 and 18 should apply).May need additional chapter info from each book but those should be the main ones. Use up to 3 additonal outside sources, aside from those books.

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