RA211 Gen Rad II   Assignment              

Due Date: 

TOPIC:          Imaging Patients with Cervical Spine Trauma

Research Imaging Cervical Spine Trauma under the following areas:

  1. Most common causes of c-spine trauma
  2. Typical signs and symptoms of c-spine trauma
  3. Spinal precautions and clinical clearance
  4. Role of the MRT (an important section of your paper! – what we do!)
    1. Explain what an MRT should do when imaging a patient with a possible C-spine injury to prevent any further injury of the spine.
  5. Outcome of patient

Prepare a 3-5 page essay including introduction, body and conclusion discussing cervical spine trauma that would highlight key points in each of the above research categories. You may generalize your paper or focus on one specific cervical spine trauma.  At least 2 references must be journal articles. Marks deducted if over 5 pages.       

Assignment Rubric

Marks                      Category

   5                     Quality of Content (i.e. all information is relevant, appropriate vocabulary used)

   5                     Completeness (all areas listed above are discussed)

   5                     Professional Style (structure & organization of paper, includes intro & conclusion, 3-5 pages long, professional writing style with proper grammar & spelling.)

   5                     References (minimum 3 sources and properly referenced – at least 2 sources to be journal articles)

-2 marks/day   Lateness

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