The Wilson Bros company has grown dramatically from their humble beginnings in Brandon Manitoba. As they grew, they purchased their competition, and they are very proud of the fact that they have been able to offer continued employment to the staff of their competitors. However, Bob and John Wilson are concerned because most of the HR Managers at the various Wilson subsidiaries have found their way into Human Resources after working in other parts of the operation.  They have their own way of approaching recruitment and selection activities. You have been appointed as Director of HR with a mandate to educate the Ontario HR Managers, particularly in the area of recruitment and selection. To do so, you’ve planned three training sessions: one on Ethics, one on Screening, and one on Selection.

1. Provide a definition for “ethics” and explain why it is important that HR practitioners be aware of the ethical standards influencing HR practices. (5 marks)

2. The HRPA lists 7 principles. Name 4 of them and provide an example or explanation of what each means. (5 marks)

3. The company already reviews resumes and WAB’s. Name three other screening methods and provide at least one benefit and one disadvantage for each method. (6 marks)

4. Describe what is meant by Emotional Intelligence and explain its value in HR recruitment/selection activities. (3 marks)

5. Name two simulation tests that are commonly used in selection and give an example of when they would be used for each. (6 marks)

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