This essay is an argumentative essay.

It’s a definition argument which means it’s an argument that makes a claim about what something is, to make this argument you would define lack of government support and illustrate what is the main government support that causes poverty and define what it means when saying the lack of oneself to do good and some examples as to how that causes poverty to oneself.

Also, I have four-argument questions and answers that need to go in the paper:

a) Is bad attitudes and faulty lifestyles a cause for poverty of oneself?

b) Are low-paying jobs a cause of poverty because of government support?

c) Why is poverty still a worldwide dilemma with rapidly rising numbers?

d) Is poverty caused by social injustice?

Answers to argument questions:

a) The improvised were promiscuous, prone to addiction, criminality, and unable to “defer satisfaction” or even waste time setting an alarm clock.

b) The average pay is $10 which is roughly $20,000 a year and the government helps only to a certain extent.

c) It is caused by the rapidly growing rate of the population, rapidly growing rate of prices on consumables and transportation, and the money we make doesn’t go far in the world today.

d) Poverty accompanies gender discrimination, racism and other types of social injustice. People who are victims of social injustice have a difficult time receiving a good education, finding suitable employment, and gaining access to resources that might help them escape poverty.

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