The work to be delivered is an essay, between 1,500 and 3,000 words, in which:

 following the contents seen in class, the attached documents and world news- respond to the

Question: What ethical criteria must be followed when caring for patients from Coronavirus and what order of hierarchy do they have?

It is about establishing the criteria that must be followed when caring for patients

when the health system in Spain is overwhelmed (as it has happened). For this, it is

It is important to have an overview of all possible cases and thus decide with what

ethical criteria must be acted upon.

Explain what role age plays, the patient’s resilience, what to do if not responds to treatment in the first 48 hours, if it influences the fact that you have people at your  position, who to enter and who not, if it influences that you are an immigrant in Spain in a situation irregular … What about the rest of patients not affected by Covid?

In addition to ethical criteria, what general principles of action must be followed (equity, transparency…)

It is about thinking about all the possibilities and cases (because in fact they occur) and

establish clear and prioritized criteria for action.

It also explains who should be responsible for making that decision about patients.

The responsible doctor, a specific committee, something joint, something different from all of the above?

Should the patient (advance directive document) or the family have something to say?

If possible, talk to a doctor or doctors who have faced COVID so they can

Explain the ethical criteria you have used and to collect your testimony.

Remember that the work tries to substantiate the statements, making references to

the principles seen in class, the currents or movements of thought and the documents offered from different governments, countries or medical colleges, as well as to others you can find yourself. You can stand out in what they match and what they don’t and what is your position. In other words, you can position yourself and offer your vision, but always grounded form.

I will be very very demanding that it is a well-founded essay (and does not fall into the verbiage).

A misspelling will subtract one point.

I leave you some documents of interest, but surely you can find others that you can mention at work, as well as different cases that occurred in Spain and elsewhere of the world.


It is mandatory to make use of and apply the following ethics theory in order to develop the essay.

Definition of ethics: branch of philosophy that studies what is right and what is wrong in human behavior.

  • Is it something that is imposed from outside? No, it is something intrinsic and present in all human and social reality.
  • It is inherent in human nature and therefore cannot be escaped.
  • We are moral beings, you cannot not be moral, just as you cannot not weigh.
  • If you are free to do something, you have a responsibility. And the more power, the greater responsibility.
  • The decisions we make are shaping what we are, making us better or worse people.
  •   A decision in one sense generates a predisposition to act in that sense. The next time it makes it easier, whether it’s a vice or a virtue.
  • That is shaping our dignity and personality: the more we tend to the more good we will be.
  • Ontological dignity: all human beings are worthy (we have value) for being a person.
  • Although we can gain or lose dignity depending on our actions: moral dignity.
  • Amoral: that which lacks moral sense (animals, sick people, a natural phenomenon, a baby).

Universal ethical principles:

1.- Do good and avoid evil

2.- Above all, there is always the dignity of the person.

3.- The common good is above private interests.

4.- Golden rule: “Treat others as you would like them to treat you”

5.- The more power, the greater responsibility.

6.- It is never justified to commit an evil to obtain a good.

7.- Principle of the lesser evil: before a binary dilemma, with no other option between two evils, the lesser evil must be chosen.

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