For the fourth section of your Term Project you are to write a 3 page paper, APA
formatted. The paper will include an effective Introduction and Conclusion. It will also
include proper headings and titles per APA guidelines.
Section IV of your paper will address the following material for learning.
Discuss an example of dynamic complexity that you’ve experienced at work (use a
different example than what you described in your discussion post. Describe the
situation and the solution that was implemented. Discuss the interrelationships between
the major parts of this system. Describe what the unintended consequences that were
produced by the solution. Given the effectiveness of the solution to solve the problem
and the unintended consequences that resulted was this the best solution that could
have been implemented; support your answer? Draw a causal loop diagram of this
situation. Include balancing loops (make sure you discuss the role the balancing loops
play in your narrative). The goal of drawing your causal loop diagram is to open your
mind and think hard about all the factors that are at play in a system and how they
interact and influence one another. Credit is given for the effort demonstrated in
creating a diagram that is

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