M4 Written Assignment Instructions

Is human nature basically good or bad?

We have read and been exposed to several views of human nature from a philosophical, political and theological perspectives.   From the rather humanist perspective of the ancient Greeks focused on human potential to the Christian idea of original sin, we have always debated the true nature of morality as well as the relative importance of nature versus nurture.  Consider your own view on moral development, do you feel people are inherently good and altruistic or inherently selfish and greedy?

Next view this short video on morality in infants from

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 (60 Minutes, CBS News, 2012). 

Now in a short essay, evaluate arguments on both sides of the issue of moral development by first summarizing, in your own words, at least one argument from each side and then arguing for which one of the opposing sides you find more compelling and why, did the scientific evidence from the baby lab change your view.  Support your position with at least two additional scholarly or scientific sources that discuss this issue. You must include a list of references.

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