How would you examine your research question from a quantitative perspective? Take the broad research question that you developed in Module 1 and answer the following questions:

  1. Identify and describe three types of quantitative research methods.
  2. What quantitative research method have you decided to use and why?
  3. What is your hypothesis for this study?
  4. Identify dependent and independent variables of your study.
  5. How will you collect your data for this study?
  6. What is your unit of analysis for this study?
  7. What time dimension will use for your study?  Will it be a cross-sectional study or a longitudinal study?  If your study is longitudinal, will it be a trend study, a cohort study or a panel study? Why did you select this type of study?
  8. What method will you use to select your sample? Why did you select this sampling design? (Hint: Quantitative research uses probability sampling methods.)

Make sure that you include the title of your study in your heading.

Research question: What is the relationship between academic achievement and life / career success?

Please cite all sources used APA style.

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