1-Studies show that suicide rates tend to be higher in those nations that rank high on subjective well-being. How might this impact your work with multicultural populations?

Assignment Outcomes
Examine evidence based research in culture and diversity
2-It has been said that that conformity, in general, is more common in individuals from  lower socioeconomic standing than individuals from upper-middle class standing.  Do you agree?
Assignment Outcomes Identify cognitive biases and their consequences in professional practice
3-How might your own cultural worldview be both an advantage, and disadvantage,  when working with people from different cultures?
Assignment Outcomes Analyze your own cultural background   4-A common opinion within the field of psychology today is that it is reasonable to work  within the client’s belief system and the culture-specific components of his or her illness,  without necessarily endorsing the validity of such beliefs. Do you agree?
  Assignment Outcomes Discuss culturally congruent practices   5-In Week 1, you were asked to share what you hope to learn in this course and how  you plan  to apply what you learn to your own personal and professional life. Now that you’ve  completed  the course, has anything changed?  What might you add?

Assignment Outcomes Discuss culturally congruent practices  


These resources are required to complete the course.

Shiraev, E. & Levy, D.   (2017).   Cross-cultural psychology: Critical thinking and contemporary applications.   (6th ed. ).   Routledge.  

You may purchase books at eCampus.


These resources must be used to complete the assignments.

American Psychiatric Association   (2013).   Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders.   (5th).  

American Psychological Association   (2020).   Publication manual of the American Psychological Association.   (7th ed.).  


The mentor has not provided any additional resources for this syllabus.


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