The paper researches the effect of weed and alcohol on the academic life of students. Notably, weed and alcohol abuse result in reduced academic performance due to the development of detrimental behaviors such as truancy, reduced concentration and discipline, psychological instability, and health complications that inhibit physical and mental engagement in classwork (Paramo et al., 2020). According to Meda et al. (2017), marijuana and alcohol remain the most abused substances in colleges in the United States; however, studies on their combined influence entailing longitudinal and cross-sectional impacts on academic performance remains scarce. Moreover, when alcohol and marijuana are used in the same model to predict students’ grade point average (GPA) performance, marijuana seems to mediate the relationship between GPA and alcohol use (Bolin, 2017). Establishing the correct methodology of evaluating the direct and indirect impacts of marijuana and alcohol on students’ performance can help inform policy interventions that curtail the vice in academic institutions. 

Research questions 
1. How can the joint impact of marijuana and alcohol effect the students performance in school 
2. How can the use of alcohol and marijuana be assessed through the students Gpa

I have transcribed the interviews and attached them. The interviews were not hard to do i have just went around and asked students. Some students were a bit hard to open up as they don’t want anyone to know some students were very easy going. 

The writer could also come up with something. 

The writer has to also for me an ethic statement separate from the interview writing. 

1. A short ethics statement (collective work, 1 page max)
a. Disclose conflicts of interest
b. Discuss how you made sure that your work does not create ethical issues
i. For the people you interviewed or observed
ii. For yourself and your own safety

3. Empirical Part 1: Interviews (~1200 words, individual work)
a. Explain your sampling strategy and how you organized access to interviewees
b. Explain your decisions regarding the structure of the interview guideline (add the
interview guidelines in the appendix – does not count in the 5.000 words)
c. Describe the problems you faced during the interviews and how you addressed them
(e.g., interviewee who refuses to be taped, interviewee who are difficult to understand or to get to talking in detail, etc.)

d. What are the key takeaways of the interviews
e. Transcribe the interviews and add the transcripts in the appendix (does not count in
the 5.000 words)

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