Diagnostic topic (GERD)


  • Give an overview of the patient with the presumptive diagnosis. You can “create” a patient case based on your knowledge of the diagnosis, based on a patient you have seen in your work or personal experience.

(Writers Choice)

  • Give an overview of the diagnosis including risk factors and how they cause or contribute to adaptation or pathogenesis.
  • Give an in-depth discussion of the pathophysiology of your diagnosis as it occurs over time;
    • include signs,
    • symptoms,
    • diagnostic studies,
    • underlying pathophysiologic process causing these signs and symptoms.
  • Support this pathophysiology with high level Evidence.
  • Summarize treatments and outcomes in terms of pathophysiologic alterations.

Once you have had an in-depth discussion of your diagnosis overall, be sure to connect your case discussion back to the patient you have presented.

  • Example: If your patient has HTN and DM, be sure to include a discussion of the symptoms that your patient is exhibiting and discuss treatments specifically aimed for your patient.

Support your case discussion with current (in the past 5 years) high level evidence. Patient information portals, disease association websites and other resources such as Up-to-date, Epocrates, Medscape, Mayo Clinic are not considered high levels of evidence and should be avoided for your presentations.

Include some graphics to support your presentation and to make it more visually engaging


  • Length: 1 Title, 10 body slide, 1 reference slide
  • Citations: Six high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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