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Final Paper Framework


Before you begin take a minute to read through your Week 5 Voting final paper. For your final paper, you will be writing about voting. Voting is the way that citizens of the United States make their voices heard at the federal, state, and local levels. By voting, citizens choose their leaders, approve or reject constitutional amendments, and support or deny propositions in various forms like tax increases, bonds, and municipal land use changes. Because voting is the main way for citizens to exercise power, it is one of the most important rights we have.

Download the Week 3 Final Paper Framework Guide Download Week 3 Final Paper Framework Guideand Week 5 Final Paper Topics Handout Download Week 5 Final Paper Topics Handout. To complete this assignment, you will need to fill in and submit the Week 3 Final Paper Framework Guide. You will choose a topic form the Final Paper Topics List.


As you look over the Week 5 Final Paper Topics Handout Download Week 5 Final Paper Topics Handoutand the Week 3 Final Paper Framework Guide Download Week 3 Final Paper Framework Guide, consider what aspect of voting you find interesting and you might enjoy investigating over the next few weeks. As you will notice, you have been provided one non-scholarly article from the Pew Research Center (PRC) and two scholarly, peer-reviewed articles for each topic. For your final, you must use the PRC article aligned with each topic, but you can select your own scholarly research if you like. If you are not sure which topic to choose, you can review the articles that have been provided to see which you find most interesting.


In order to fulfill all parts of this assignment you must complete and submit the Week 3 Assignment Guide Download Week 3 Assignment Guideand upload it to Waypoint. This assignment is meant to help get you started on the Week 5 Voting final paper by

  • Choosing a topic for your final paper.
  • Locating scholarly sources that you need for your final paper to supplement the required source from the PRC.
  • Describing what you will discuss in your final paper.
  • Determining the direction of your paper by writing a thesis statement.

To complete the guide, you will need to:

  • Choose a topic that you will address for your Voting final paper. Please download and review the Week 5 Final Paper Topics Handout Download Week 5 Final Paper Topics Handout. Topics include the following:
    • Motivating Voters
    • Non-Voters
    • Uninformed Voters
    • Expansion of Suffrage
    • Suffrage for Felons
    • Voting Fraud
  • This handout includes sources that you may use on your final and should start as the starting point for your research on this topic. Please note that the source from the Pew Research Center is required for this assignment.
  • Describe three specific subtopics that are relevant to the topic that you have chosen and that you plan to discuss in your paper. Please note that each topic asks you to examine three concepts within the prompt, these should inform your selection of subtopics.
  • In addition to the required non-scholarly source from the Pew Research Center, locate one at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that address your topic. For each topic, choose two scholarly, peer-reviewed sources on the final paper topic handout; you may use the sources that have been provided but you are not required to.
  • Provide APA-formatted references and annotations for the each of the sources that you choose. Your annotations should explain why each of the sources are relevant to the topic. The Writing Center’s Annotated Bibliography Tutorial Links to an external site.will provide you more information about annotations and the role they play in organizing your research. For help with creating references, please refer to the Writing Center’s APA: Formatting Your References List Links to an external site..

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