Topic – Management

Week 3 – Assessment Point 1 – Guidelines

Assessment Point 1

The first Individual Assignment of this module is about the incorporation of the main ideas and concepts discussed in the module during the first three weeks. Specifically, the students will review the case study below regarding the use of performance support to improve learning. This case illustrates the process of performance support that employees use to improve their job performance. Following the review of the case study, the students will answer the provided questions.

Content and Structure

Using Performance Support to Improve Learning:

The training done in most companies is based on the formal learning that takes place in planned exercises and classroom activities. Despite this reality, some learning groups that have done well despite the uncertainty of the business climate have moved beyond this traditional model to a more employee-centered learning framework. Such a model is based on the idea that learning must be enabled and consistently supported by training professionals, and employees should to some extent self direct their own training endeavors and learn how to apply the information on the job.

Informal learning can be created and managed internally in a company through a process called “Performance Support.” Performance Support involves giving employees informational assistance that addresses the issues they currently face while performing their work to increase job performance.

When managed properly by (1) clearly establishing how Performance Support will help the organization and (2) getting the firm’s leaders and IT professionals to support its implementation, the process can lead to an increase in overall organizational effectiveness.

The home and furniture design firm Herman Miller set out to implement Performance Support as part of an effort to enhance employees’ performance of their jobs. Herman Miller faced many challenges and opportunities that precipitated the move toward self-learning, including employees’ low interest in formal training, an increase in calls to an understaffed help desk, and the unveiling of six new products.

In addition, the company highlighted many new competencies that individuals were expected to integrate into their daily functioning as employees. The Performance Support frameworks were launched in a way that did not intimidate workers, and additional models were slowly introduced as employees showed some success.

Companies can consider piloting the introduction and application of Performance Support systems as a way to make the learning occur more fluidly. The system should be managed so that the appropriate information is available to employees based on the history of queries that have occurred in the past.

Additionally, access to the Performance Support networks should be made readily available on mobile devices so that information can be accessed anywhere and on the fly. The use of Performance Support was much higher than typical classes being offered at Herman Miller, reducing expenses significantly for the organization.

Competencies were also being cultivated in the workplace through the use of the Performance Support network. The company’s IT Support Center, sales and marketing managers, and an executive panel that developed the competencies were all strong champions of the program and were instrumental in developing subsequent awareness and support throughout the ranks.


  1. The case introduces a rather complex information-based approach to encourage learning on the job. How is this approach different from traditional training? Are there any similarities.

2. How would you implement a Performance Support system?

3. What are the challenges and opportunities associated with a Performance Support informational network with regard to individual learning?

Consider what to include in the body of your project and demonstrate a sound level of text synthesis. Essential information must be included in the body of the project and will be counted in the word count. Extra illustrative information may be included in the appendices. Along with the recommended readings included in this week’s section, support your paper with a minimum of three (3)

resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles of your choice, may be included.

Students will decide on the appropriate structure and content. However, we expect to see the following elements:

1. Introduction: A good and appropriate introduction to the training human resources and public management theories and concepts relevant to the description of the assignment. Set the scene for the assignment. Make sure to define the primary aim of your project in the introduction.

2. Main body: Present and discuss the issues of the topic. Demonstrate in-depth critical examination and discuss evidence of independent research on the topic. Search the related literature using a variety of sources such as textbooks, academic and scientific journals. Organise and structure your work so that the reader can follow the line of the argument. Link the paragraphs by using linking words.

3. Conclusions: The conclusion section is an integral part of every project. Writing a good concluding paragraph can be challenging. Restate your thesis and summarize your main points of evidence for the reader. Similarly to the introduction section, the conclusion should be interesting! The conclusion should summarise the main points of your assignment. Implications: Demonstrate what you have learned from your assignment, by addressing the central question and adequately summarise the findings of your research.

The following points should be noted for this part of the assessment:

  • Literature should be sourced from a range of journal articles and textbooks. A limited range of readings will be made available.

●     The word count is 2000 words +/- 10%. This does not include the reference list and any appendices the assignment may include.

  • Accurate referencing of sources is crucial in this coursework. The referencing system used in this module is the APA Reference system.

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