I want you to look at the “Charmed Circle” from Rubin’s essay (attached below) and consider her concepts of sexual essentialism, hierarchical valuation of sex acts, domino theory of sexual peril, and lack of concept of benign sexual variation. 

  • How does your chosen additional reading connect with these concepts and/or the Charmed Circle? 
  • How does the author(s) demonstrate, expand upon, challenge, or reinforce these ideas? 
  • How does the author(s) illustrate (or not illustrate) Rubin’s points about the social construction of sexuality? 
  • What other categories of marginality (race, class, gender, etc.) does the author(s) bring in, and how?

[You do not need to address all of these concepts–but you must engage with at least one. You may answer multiple of these questions in one sentence, so no need to stick strictly to the list. You should define any concepts you use (including the Charmed Circle) and elaborate on the prompt questions with regard to your chosen additional reading. You will be graded on your engagement with this week’s ideas and effort in making these connections–don’t be afraid to make mistakes!]

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