You are the human resource manager for a county probation agency. Your department has just completed a very good strategic planning exercise, and you identified the need to “reinvent” the role and competencies of your correctional officers. You found that many had not kept pace with the changes in the types of skills and attitudes needed to be successful and you have noted an increase in tension and conflict between the correctional officers and the inmates. You have decided to attempt to recruit differently to get a very skilled person who wants a career and promote from within the agency. You have decided to put into place a training program for current correctional officers to get them thinking about current role needed.  Prepare an outline of the type of person you would like to recruit and where and how you would try to communicate with them. In addition, prepare an outline to get current correctional officers more in tune with the skills and competencies needed in a contemporary prison.

Chapter Four and Five

TEXT BOOK IS: Correction Administration, 3rd Edition

BY: Richard P. Seiter

Essays should be free from excessive grammatical and spelling errors.  They require a minimum of 250 words and must be submitted in MS Word format. 

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