You will choose only one topic and start your research. You will create 14-16 content slides that will capture all elements of your topic, with minimum of five peer reviewed sources. Your last slide will have the references you have used for this project. Please note, the text cannot be used as a reference, points will be docked if you rely on the course text book. I need you to explore the CJA world beyond what your text says, so please do not depend on it for your paper. It must be a valid, legitimate source for you to use it in your paper. APA format is required.  One slide should provide the case/topic # in a nut shell. Your analysis should include two or more examples that will justify your position. You will load your PPt in W4 drop box. Your PPt will be graded on content, grammar, punctuation, spelling, difficulty, and readability.  This will comprise 22% of your final grade, i.e. you are eligible to earn 22 points towards your final course grade.  Papers that are late will be reduced by 10% for each day they are late. 

Please choose one topic, and indicate the number on your submission. On your first slide, under your name, please include the corresponding number for your chosen topic or movie.

Some points to ponder for your chosen topic:

  • Describe the sociodemographic groups that are at highest risk for experiencing this type of violent victimization.
  • Explore the individual risk factors apart from sociodemographic factors that increase the likelihood of experiencing this type of violent victimization.
  • Include situational risk factors that increase the likelihood of experiencing this type of violent victimization.
  • Provide two offender-victim relationships that exist for this type of violent victimization.
  • Explain similarities and differences in risk factors based on the offender-victim relationship. Specify which risk factors are the same across to two offender-victim relationships and which risk factors are different across the two offender-victim relationships.
  • Discuss one theory that applies to your selected violent victimization type and provide examples of how this theory explains the violent victimization across the two victim-offender relationships.
  • If applicable, you may discuss the “ideal victim” and the offender-victim overlap as it relates to this type of violent victimization.


6.  Minority Report/Steven Spielberg, Director/2002

Summary: Minority Report is set in the year 2054, and John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is chief of the Department of Pre-Crime in Washington, DC. There has not been a murder there in six years, because of an operation Anderton supervises, where three pre-cognitive humans (“pre-cogs”) drift in a flotation tank and have their brain waves tapped by computers. These brain waves can pick up thoughts of premeditated murders, so the police can be warned and arrest the would-be perpetrators before they can kill (hence the  “Department of Pre-Crime”). Of course, it is not as easy as this, because the precogs can provide only the time and date of the murder, the murderer’s name, and the victim’s name—the other facts can be learned only by clues derived from the various images generated by the pre-cogs around the time of murder. The film is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. The pre-crime police strategy is going to expand nationwide, and there is personal and bureaucratic jealousy toward Anderton and the pre-crime unit. The movie focuses on a rare disagreement among the “pre-cogs” over a pending murder, and one of the pre-cogs apparently files a minority report disagreeing with the others. Normally, the minority report is disregarded, but the twist is that Anderton himself becomes a target for arrest as a predicted killer, and he is apparently warned of this by one of the pre-cogs. Anderton then is chased by police, assisted by one of the pre-cogs named Agatha (Samatha Morton), and the futuristic police pursuit and search is interesting and compelling. For example, everyone is subject to retina scans, so Anderton has to get an eye transplant to hide his identity while being pursued. The story has several twists, and it raises important issues about the certainty of knowledge and how knowledge should be used.

  • Why are legal rules alone insufficient to guide police actions in the area of searches and seizures?
  • The accurate prediction of criminal behavior is not yet possible, but profiles are sometimes used by police for targeting suspects. Under what circumstances is the use of a profile to take police action morally permissible? What would the major societal perspectives say?

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