For this assignment, you will research and compare various approaches to psychotherapy. Sometimes psychotherapy is referred to as an intervention however, the goals are the same. The goals are to assist clients with addressing maladaptive behaviors, thinking, or emotions. 


Select two approaches from the list below or, find two approaches you are interested in researching. Compare the two approaches and answer the questions/perform the tasks below. Your entire paper should include at least 8 peer-reviewed journal articles published with the last 10 years. Your submission must be typed in APA 7th edition writing format and it should be free of grammar and spelling issues.The entire assignment should be no more than 8-10 total pages – page length does not include the title page or reference page.

List of Approaches

Psychoanalytic and Humanistic/Existential
Psychoanalytic and Cognitive Behavioral
Psychoanalytic and Family Systems Approach
Cognitive Behavioral and Humanistic/Existential
Cognitive Behavioral and Family Systems
An approach of your choice 

NOTE: Your research paper must be written in APA 7th edition format (an abstract page is not needed), starting with a cover page. An introduction, conclusion, and all headings must be in place.   

Research Paper Questions/You must: 

  1. Compare and contrast two approaches
  2. Discuss evidence-based research on applicability of each approach
  3. Present research on the pros and cons of each approach
  4. According to research, how do the two approaches apply to various cultures? 
  5. Which cultures are best served by these chosen theories according to current research?
  6. How do the two approaches apply to various ages/age groups of a client (select two age groups to compare- i.e., 5 -7 years, 8- 12 years, 13 -17 years, 18 – 40 years, 41 – 61 years, 62+ years)? 
  7. Be thorough with presenting the findings of your research  

Program Learning Objectives 

Demonstrates the understanding of lifespan development

Demonstrates effective communication skills 

Demonstrates competency and application of theories, interventions, practice, and within current and foundational research and trends

Demonstrates the awareness of one’s values, experiences, beliefs and biases and their impact on interactions with others from diverse cultures, special populations, and marginalized communities

Demonstrates critical thinking and scientific inquiry in research

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