Valley of the Shadow Paper

To quote the exact instructions “Using the website The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War (Links to an external site.),you will write a five-page paper comparing two distinct viewpoints/societies during the Civil War. In the North you will look at newspaper articles from Franklin County, Pennsylvania. In the South, you will look at newspaper articles from Augusta County, Virginia. Your paper must include the following components:

(1) Using two articles from each location, compare and contrast the reactions to Lincoln’s election in November 1860.

(2) Using two articles from each location, compare and contrast the reactions to the ending of the Civil war and/or Lincoln’s assassination.

(3) Choose an event, issue, or battle that occurred during the war and compare and contrast sectional reactions to that event, issue, or battle using two articles from each location. (Examples include, but are not limited to, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, the Battle of Gettysburg, or secession).

After finding your articles and making your comparisons, write one coherent paper using all twelve articles as sources that describes and contrasts the ideologies of these two communities based on their reactions. You should include conclusions about political leanings, support for the war, attitudes toward slavery and African Americans, and attitudes towards the opposing section.” End of quote 

Feel free to also use credible sources as well to support further analysis if needed. 

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