As we are approaching the deadline for the final paper in the course and you are all working on the final paper, I just want to remind you all to paraphrase and summarize what you read from your case study. Sometimes it is difficult to summarize information that is factual information, but it is not impossible and definitely doable . I want to encourage all of you to summarize, paraphrase, put into your own words what you read from the case study. Try to avoid using quotes if at all possible. Quotations should only be used if the author’s claim is best expressed using a direct quote. 

Paraphrasing or summarizing is the best approach to your final paper. 

One method that helps me when I’m using a source is to read the article and then put it into my own words without looking at the source. When we have the source directly in front of us, sometimes, inadvertently and subconsciously, we may think we are paraphrasing, but because you are looking at your source, you end up saying exactly what the source says. Changing out a few words here or there is NOT paraphrasing, 


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