Insert your written responses here. Delete these instructions.

Remember, you must address each of the following requirements:

  • Discuss the general characteristics of each occupancy type.
  • Discuss two hazards associated with each occupancy and how they can be addressed in pre-fire planning.
  • Identify the safety concerns that may be met with when responding to a fire in each occupancy type.
  • Summarize your approach to firefighting strategy and tactics for each occupancy type. Be specific about what factors you consider within each occupancy in your decision-making.

Your responses to the above requirements should be specifically detailed to each building or structure you have selected. Your responses should be organized by occupancy (i.e., address all four bullets listed for one occupancy before moving on to the next). Do not for example, discuss characteristics of all occupancy types, then all the hazards, etc.

Your written response must be a minimum of two pages. The appendix, title, and reference pages do not count toward the two-page requirement. Your responses should be formatted as a standard written assignment. All sources used must have proper citations and references in APA format.

Appendix A

Add your information below. You may work directly in this template or create a similar layout in Excel and paste the table below.  You may modify the chart as needed, as long as all the required information is presented. To add your images, with your cursor in the appropriate cell, choose Insert, then Picture from the Menu Tabs, and select the location of your image file. Be sure to delete the example row shown below in your final submission.

Occupancy Classification (from IBC 2018)  
Assembly (A)AUnion South 1308 W. Dayton Street, Madison, WI
Business (B)B Rocky’s Pizzeria 1308 Regent St, Madison, WI
Educational (E)EWest High School 30 Ash St, Madison, WI
Factory and Industrial (F)FAll Metals Recycling, 1802 S. Park St. Madison, WI
High Hazard (H)HCamp Randall Stadium, 1440 Monroe St. Madison, WI
Institutional (I)IUniversity of WI- Dept of Chemistry, 1101 University Ave. Madison, WI
Mercantile (M)MBorokhim’s Oriental Rugs, 1801 Monroe St. Madison, WI
Residential (R)RPeloton Residences, 1008 S Park St. Madison, WI
Storage (S)SSouth Park Storage, 1814 S. Park St. Madison, WI
Utility and Miscellaneous (U)UMadison Labor Temple, 1602 S Park St. Madison, WI


Insert your properly formatted APA references here

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