Your corporation signed purchase order #1578, which is a contract for the procurement of 1,000 brass widgets. The widgets were not delivered by the date specified in the purchase order. Also, the widgets were stainless steel rather than brass.

  1. What is possible for your corporation to recover due to the tardy delivery? Are there any laws or regulations that support your corporation’s position? Is your corporation entitled to be compensated by the supplier if it uses the steel widgets but had to modify its assembly line due to the widgets being steel rather than brass? (Your response must be at least 300 words in length.)

A proposed contract reads as follows: Mozart is to compose a sonata that is pleasing to the king before the birth of the king’s heir. Upon delivery of the sonata, Mozart will be given the position of court jester. Time limitations are indicated in the contract.

  1. If the king chooses not to have an heir, what are the arguments he could make against contract compliance and nullify the contract? What arguments could be made for maintaining contract compliance?
  2. Suppose Mozart completed the sonata and presented it to the king, but the king decided not to make Mozart the court jester. Advise the king on what positive acts he could offer Mozart in lieu of the position of court jester. If appropriate, include arguments for and against compliance with the contract based on this situation.
  3. What if the king decides to delay having an heir? What arguments could be made for not appointing Mozart to the position of court jester? How could time limitations come into play for this situation?

There is no minimum word count required for questions A, B, C. However, be sure to respond comprehensively to every item in each section. Indicate your response to each section by using the section letter (Section A, Section B, Section C).

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