A professional’s ability to communicate their insights, analysis, and recommendations in meaningful and usable ways has become a top priority for Christian ministry and organizational leaders. Indeed, a ministry leader or organizational leader will be deemed ineffective if effective communication skills are found lacking. Thus, the purpose of the Psychology Reflection Paper is two-fold: (1) to demonstrate your skill in grasping the essential issues relating to psychology and

(2) to practice and strengthen your writing communication skills.

The discipline of Psychology offers numerous areas on which to focus. Unfortunately, in this “introductory” course, you will only briefly encounter many topics. An area of study will come up that peaks your interest, yet in-depth information will not be provided in this introductory offering. In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to broaden your understanding by reflecting on the following four key questions:

•           What are the origins of psychology?

•           What are the major approaches in contemporary psychology?

•           What are psychology’s key issues and controversies?

•           What is the future of psychology likely to hold?

Your Psychology Reflection Paper will be somewhat different from a research paper in that your personal reflection and thought is the focus. Unlike a research paper, it does not require footnotes or references because it is a specifically assigned reading. Your own words are preferable to quotes in that the focus is upon your understanding and application of the information that has been presented.

Your paper must:

•           Be organized around the four key questions listed above.

•           Be 1500 to 2000 words in length.

•           Be submitted in a Word document with one-inch margins and double-spaced.

•           Be written according to APA 7th Edition Writing Style Guidelines.

•           Be properly formatted with a cover sheet and the introduction, four key questions, and conclusion set off in bold.

It will be evaluated according to the following guide:

•           Introduction

–           The writing is clear and focused.

–           The introduction provides an essential overview of the paper’s contents.

•           Structure

–           There are clear transitions between paragraphs and the four sections which comprise the main body of the paper.

–           The treatment of the overall theme is logically oriented.

•           Content

–           In length, the paper meets the 1500-2000 word requirement.

–           The paper practically addresses each of the four key questions.

–           The reflection is thought provoking and thorough.

•           Conclusion

–           The conclusion offers a good summary of the issues treated in the paper and references the introduction.

•           Style

–           It is written according to APA Writing Style Guidelines.

–           It is properly formatted.

–           It reflects a collegiate level of vocabulary.

–           It is without spelling and grammar errors.

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