Week/Unit 5 Written Assignment – Read the scenario first and then complete the job tasking:

(1) Scenario:

You have been hired as the new Physical Security Manager for a small data management services and consulting company (DMC Inc.) located just north of Austin outside Georgetown, TX.   DMC recently secured a lucrative new government project that requires a rapid increase in security staffing and capability. Your primary tasking is to develop a security program that provides 24/7 physical security at the site. This includes property access, building access, and the safety and security of the employees when on site. 

The site property (about 50 acres) consists of mostly rolling hills with patches of trees which allows for isolation and privacy.  A single winding driveway from a 2-lane road about 5 miles out of town provides the only property access.  The office and data center are in the center of the property with a parking area adjacent to the building.  The front entrance and back door to the data center all have standard keyed locks.  Each employee has a key.  There is a decorative wooden fence on the front of the property (along the road), and the remaining 3 sides are barbwire fencing with pasture and brush on the other side.  There is no clear line of site to the building from anywhere except at the access point on the main road in.

Two (2) full time security guards (permanent proprietary employees) provide daytime only security by monitoring a recently installed gate at the property entrance and maintaining a visitor log.  The property can be accessed at night by using a gate access security code. 

(2) Job Tasking (Assignment):

The COO has asked you to write a short memo with a staffing plan to provide for 24/7 security at the site location.  Technical upgrades will come later, so for now the COO’s concerns are:

1.  What do you see as the primary physical security threats to the facility now that it has signed a new government contract?

2.  What are the biggest vulnerabilities that can be corrected by increasing the security staff (currently 2 people, daytime only)?

3.  What is the total number of security personnel you need on your team and in what positions? And,

3.  Should the security team remain proprietary employees, be converted to a contracted service, or be a mix of both?  Justify and explain your decision.

Helpful sections in chapter 9 for this assignment include:

Pages 285 – 289 Proprietary/Contractor Debate

Pages 289 – 290 Core Expectations of Security Officers

Pages 299 – 302 Proprietary Security Services

Use the staffing guidelines in the textbook (page 301) to ensure you hire enough people for 24/7 positions as applicable.

10 points,

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