Text Analysis

Title: Tuesdays with MorrieAuthor: Mitch AlbomPublication Date: 1997
I chose this book because (respond in at least 2 sentences): the concept of the book really intrigued me and the layout was particularly interesting. Normally you see the story from one viewpoint, the narrator. However, this book allows you to see snippets from both perspectives, Mitch and Morrie. Furthermore, I related to the feeling of slow loss through illness. My grandfather has Parkinson’s Disease which, like ASL, is a slow and debilitating illness. I thought by reading this book it would prepare me better or at least teach me what questions to ask before the time comes.

Discussion Questions

Use the text and your analysis to prepare two interpretive or evaluative discussion questions, then identify the type of question you have created.

QuestionIs your question interpretive or evaluative?

Connecting with Character: Protagonist’s Name   Morrie Schwartz

How do you relate to this character?
I am similar to the character in the following ways…I am different from the character in the following ways…
Beginning: End:Beginning: End:

Identity Development

 Identify the protagonist’s stage of identity development throughout the story. Complete the chart with the correct stage and two instances of support from the text. Recall the different stages:

  • Identify Diffusion occurs when an adolescent does not make a commitment to any particular roles, values, or goals.
  • Identify Foreclosure occurs when someone makes a commitment without considering other possibilities.
  • Identity Moratorium occurs when an individual is in the midst of a crisis over a particular role or value and tries out alternatives in order to make a commitment.
  • Identity Achievement occurs when someone makes a personal decision or commitment after going through a crisis and exploring his or her option.
 Stage of Identity DevelopmentText Support – provide two instances of textual support for each stage.


Identify and describe two conflicts in the story. Explain how the protagonist responds throughout the story and what his or her response reveals about him or her. Write in complete sentences.

ConflictProtagonist’s ResponseWhat does this reveal about the character?


What narrative structure (episodic plot, parallel plot, etc.) does the author use to tell the story? __________________________________________________________________

Summarize the story using the elements of plot. Include details to demonstrate your reading.

Rising Action 
Falling Action     

Looking Back

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

  1. How does the trailer compare to the book? Is it an accurate representation of the story you read? Why or why not?
  • What changes would you make to the book trailer? If you would not make any changes, please explain why.


What is the message the author communicates through key events in the story?



Complete the following chart with details and a thoughtful analysis of how the events in the story influence the theme.

Key Events – What happens?What do we learn about the character in this event? Or how does the event change the character?What is the author’s message in each set of events you have identified?

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