The main objective is to create a lively presentation and discussion that draws in class
members as much as possible. Consider the organization of your presentation carefully.
DO NOT plan on talking the entire time. Prepare notes. Make it short, sweet, and
engaging. Bring in your own (academic) interest too!

I will be focusing on Customs and Class in India

Topics: I will be focusing on Customs and Class in India. Please provide in depth information on each topic within customs and class. I will be turning this into a presentation so please provide 1-2 paragraphs on each topic in relation to topic.


  1. Love in Modern India: Please provide information about marriage/love customs in India.
  2. Punjabi Families
  3. Gender


  1. India as a nation/ religion (class)
  2. Socio- Economic (caste system)
  3. Globalization

1-2 questions that summarize your main points at the end, which will enable your
peers to reflect and comment on what you have presented.

  • Avoid simply reciting bulleted phrases listed on a power point slide or reading directly from your notes. You are encouraged to be creative. This is your opportunity to shape the class and engage with each other!

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