This weekly assignment has three parts.  Be sure to answer all parts in complete sentences in a Word Document format.  This means you must draft your answer in a Word document and then submit it/load it onto Blackboard. (Please do not submit your answer in the comment section or in any format other than as a Word document).   Your answer to each part should be at a minimum one paragraph.

For each of these questions, you should rely on your reading in the textbook, Powerpoint lectures and independent research.  When using independent research, please be sure to reference your source (URL, etc.).  This assignment will help you to better understand one of our course outcomes, “Measurement tools and methods to quantify criminal behavior patterns.”  So let’s get started…

  1. Consider the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS).  How are they similar and how are they different?  How can these reports be made more reliable?
  2. In Exhibit 2.1 of your textbook, there is non-comprehensive list of Alternative Crime Measures.  Please do independent research on one of these crime measures (or on a crime measure not listed, such as “calls for service” etc.).  Please explain in greater detail about this alternative crime measure.
  3. How is crime measured internationally?  Using independent research, please generally explore and explain one form of international crime measuring.

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