Assignment #3

In studying George Kelly, you learned about constructive alternativism (personal interpretation of events). Specifically, you learned about his fundamental postulate regarding how our expectations influence our behaviors, as well as learned about his eleven corollaries (e.g., choice corollary, dichotomy corollary, etc.). In class, each corollary was explained and attempts were made to demonstrate how these corollaries affect one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  The purpose of this assignment is to further your understanding regarding George Kelly’s personal construct theory by applying it in a personally meaningful way.

Several steps are required to properly complete this assignment:

1) Think about your personality (thoughts, feelings, behaviors).   For this assignment, I have removed the option of writing about someone else that you know or a fictional character. I have done this because the only mind that we truly have access to is our own. It is simply much too difficult, if not impossible, to try to determine another person’s constructs.

2) Select at least five corollaries discussed in class and reviewed in the textbook. You may choose more than five if you wish, but you must choose a minimum of five.

3) In your own words, define the corollaries that you have selected and then provide examples in your life demonstrating the corollary. For example, if you select the experience corollary you are to note how you understand it (i.e., pretend as if you are teaching it to someone) and then provide an example from your life that demonstrates the corollary.

4) Attempt to put your discussion into a cohesive narrative (essay) that truly attempts to describe your personality. In other words, do not hand in an essay that reads as the following:

Constructive corollary is ……. An example in my life is….. Experience corollary is ……. An example in my life is….

In other words, really try to make your paper feel like I am reading your biography where you attempt to flow from one topic to another.  Feel free to include other Kelly concepts in your essay to make it clear (e.g., man/woman as scientists, permeability, etc).

Note:  I realize that this assignment is difficult. Personal construct theory is difficult because it is purely subjective.  Our corollaries are unique and no one’s subjective experience can be the same as someone else’s—much like no two people are exactly alike. I simply am asking you to try to make sense of the material by applying it to yourself.  I expect your paper to be around two – four double-spaced pages.  Remember, the more effort you put into this assignment, the more likely you are to better understand this theory. Again, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

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