UK Land Law – Problem-Based Question (Lisa)

(Word Count – 3000 words. State relevant statutes and include at least 15 case laws, Use OSCOLA referencing based on UK Land Law).

Please answer the below questions.

Lisa and Geoff wish to buy a property in the UK together and are seeking your advice:

  1. List the questions you would ask Lisa and Geoff to ascertain which form of ownership, tenant-in-common or joint tenancy, is most appropriate for their circumstances (300 words);
  2. Explain in detail why would you ask these questions in (a) above? (2000 words)
  3. Advise Lisa and Geoff on how equity will assist if there is a disagreement regarding (700 words):
  4. Tenant-in-common.
  5. Joint tenancy.

Problem-Based Exercise Questions

The above problem-based exercise /question requires critical analysis. Then need to provide a concise and comprehensive answer based on the IRAC rule.

1. Identity ▪ Identify the issues

2. Rule ▪ Explain the relevant rule/law — statute/case law

3. Apply ▪ Apply the law that you discussed above to the facts/ problem presented

4. Conclude ▪ Offer a reasoned conclusion

5. Referencing ▪ OSCOLA Reference

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