Question 1: Based on the strategies of Baldwin and Digby, which of the following statements are true? (Select 4)

 Baldwin focuses on reaching customers in all regions.

 Digby can expand on their current strategy by repositioning their products to the Performance segment.

 Digby focuses on reaching customers in all regions.

 Baldwin has higher plant automation than Digby.

 Baldwin must rely on consistent investments in R&D to continue developing and updating their product line.

 Digby has lower average product costs than Baldwin.

 Baldwin positions their products in the Performance segment to maximize their strategy.

 Baldwin should raise automation levels to 10.0 to expand on their current strategy.

Question 2: Andrews Corp. ended the year carrying $37,124,600 worth of inventory. Had they sold their entire inventory at their current prices, how much more revenue would it have brought to Andrews Corp.?





Question 3: Which description best fits Chester in your industry? For clarity:

– A differentiator competes through good designs, high awareness, and easy accessibility.

– A cost leader competes on price by reducing costs and passing the savings to customers.

– A broad player competes in all parts of the market.

– A niche player competes in selected parts of the market.

Which of these four statements best describes this competitor?

 Chester is a global niche differentiator.

 Chester is a global broad differentiator.

 Chester is a local broad cost leader.

 Chester is a global niche cost leader.

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