Bruce Perry Paper

With all assignments in this class, please aim to demonstrate depth of analysis and critical thinking about the field of trauma in an integrated discussion. Draw connections to course concepts and demonstrate insight about the complexities of trauma.

ALL text must be your own words/analysis unless directly quoting or citing the assigned book or another source. Citations must be included for any quotes or paraphrased material. You do not need a reference page for the assigned books, but if you use any other sources to assist you with these papers, you must include a reference page with the source information. Turn It In will be used to detect plagiarism for all assignments.

Papers should be 2-4 double-spaced pages (1” margins; 12 pt Times New Roman).

Papers should be submitted as a PDF document.

Read The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog by Bruce Perry. First, give your overall response to the book, the characters, and treatments discussed. Then choose ONE case study or chapter and evaluate in depth the following questions.

  • Please discuss the traumas that the characters experienced.
    • What evidence do you have that the events were traumatic?
    • What factors contributed to the traumatic nature of the events?
    • What risk factors were present for the characters?
  • Discuss the mental health consequences of the traumas.
    • Would you diagnose any of the characters with PTSD according to the DSM?
    • What other diagnoses (if any) might also be applicable?
    • What thoughts and behaviors may be indicative of traumatic stress reactions?
    • What mental health issues do we know to be common with this character’s trauma?
  • What are some signs of the characters’ resilience?
    • How do you conceptualize resilience and would you consider the characters’ resilient?
    • What protective factors may have contributed to the characters’ resilience?

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