Collectively build a body of transnational feminist organizations by each selecting and educating the class about any one organization that models the characteristics of transnational feminism. This requires, first, that the organization is active in (and that their members are from) multiple countries. Second, you should select an organization that is not based in the United States or in Europe – not because the US and Europe are not part of the transnational, but because they are often disproportionately centered over activists in the Global South. This in the case even in terms of the results Google thinks that you want when you search “transnational feminist organization,” and it is even true in this course, in terms of the location of most of our authors. Third, the membership does not have to be made up exclusively of women, although it can be. Regardless of gender composition, the criteria is that the values and practices of the organization are consistent with transnational feminism as defined in our readings.

Once you have selected your organization, you will write a brief 250+-word (it’s no problem if you go over 250) report about them and their work. The report should be submitted as both an assignment and as a post in the Transnational Feminist Activism Forum so that you all have access to more information about each organization.  In your report, you should provide/explain the following in your own words:

  • A brief background of who they are (based on their publications and at least one credible external source)
  • Where to learn more about their work
  • Their positions and campaigns
  • What you value about them most
  • What makes them a successful example of transnational feminism, based on our assigned readings on transnational feminism (which should be cited in your report).

You should dedicate one full paragraph to discussing the values of transnational feminism and how your chosen organization models those principles. Be sure to cite at least one of our readings about transnational feminism in that paragraph. Additionally, like all assignments in this class, your report should have a clear structure, professional tone, and proof-read, grammatical prose.

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