The purpose of this assignment is to identify a practice problem idea and an evidence-based intervention to address the practice problem idea. Data management is essential to drive actions and decisions to improve healthcare outcomes. The content will support the formulation of a literature synthesis related to your practice problem idea, which supports professional formulation, communication, and dissemination skills relevant to the DNP-prepared nurse.


In order to create flexible options, we are providing you options on this assignment. Concept maps are an effective way to express complex ideas, especially for visual learners. For this assignment, each of the following sections may be presented either as a narrative or concept map:

  • Practice Problem and PICOT Question
  • Evidence Synthesis of Literature
  • Data Driven Decision Making

Please note you are not required to complete any or all of the sections identified as conceptual maps. If you choose to use a concept map for a section, it should be created in Microsoft Word using Smart Art and placed in that section of the paper under the associated first level heading. The concept map must meet all the requirements outlined in the assignment rubric for each section. The rubric and page length are unchanged.


How to create concept map: As a leader, how you manage, and present information may vary depending upon the project, stakeholders, and goals. One approach to present information to gain support for projects is with visual aids such as a concept map. A concept map organizes and displays knowledge in a graphical manner to show relationships between different concepts. By showing interrelationships, concept maps help engage and heighten problem solving. One way to construct a concept map is by using Word and its graphic art capabilities known as Smart Art. – Open a blank Word document. – Go to the toolbar. – Select Insert. – Select Smart Art. Select the graphic shape you think most accurately reflects the information you want to share. Let’s say the topic is related to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You know it is usually presented as a pyramid. So you select Pyramid from the SmartArt options. Once selected, it is placed on your Word document for editing. The Smart Art tool allows you to identify three sections of the pyramid. But Maslow’s Hierarchy has five levels, so you need to add two levels to the basic design. Place the cursor in the text box, right click, copy, and paste into position. You now should have four textboxes for the pyramid. Repeat the step to have five textboxes. Then, enter your labels inside each text box. This is one example to illustrate the ease of using Word Smart Art to create a concept map. Again, the concept map design depends upon the concepts of interest. 

  1. Also attaching the article on concept map.
  2. I will also attach the examples of John Hopkins evidence summary tool

Dear Writer, please write 7 pages paper addressing below questions. Use additional 3 pages for JH Summary tool.

  1. Introduction
    1. Develop a focused one-sentence purpose statement.
    1. Explain the selected practice problem idea in general terms (cited).
  2. Practice Problem and Question (Narrative or Conceptual Map)
    1. Discuss the significance of the practice problem idea (cited).
    1. Discuss the prevalence of the practice problem idea (cited).
    1. Discuss the economic ramifications of the practice problem idea (cited).
    1. Identify an evidence-based intervention to address the selected practice problem idea (cited).
    1. Construct the practice problem PICOT in question format.
  3. Evidence Synthesis of the Literature (Narrative or Conceptual Map)
    1. Discuss the scope of evidence including databases searched and keywords.
    1. Compare and contrast main points from the evidence integrated in a cohesive manner (cited).
    1. Provide objective rationale for the evidence-based intervention to address the practice problem idea. (cited).
  4. Data-Driven Decision-Making (Narrative or Conceptual Map)
    1. Describe the source of the evidence (i.e., internal data to support the need for change at practicum site to improve outcomes and/or nursing practice. Example: incident reports, readmission rates, infection rates, etc.).
    1. Identify how the use of information technologies potentially influence data capture, process improvement, evaluation, and patient outcomes related to your practice problem idea.
  5. Conclusion (Write one concise paragraph.)
    1. Summarize the impact of the practice problem idea.
    1. Summarize the role of the evidence-based intervention to address the practice problem idea.
  6. References
    1. Identify and list four scholarly sources used in evidence synthesis on the reference pages.
    1. Identify and list other scholarly sources used in the paper on the reference pages.
    1. List scholarly sources in alphabetical order.
    1. Use correct hanging-indent format.
  7. Appendix: Summary Table of the Evidence
    1. Attach the completed John Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Individual Evidence Summary Tool.
      1. Link (Word doc): John Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Individual Evidence Summary ToolLinks to an external site.
    1. Provide a minimum of four research studies.
    1. Complete all sections completely for the four sources of evidence.
    1. Identify both the quality and level of evidence for each scholarly source on the table.

Level I Headings for the Assignment

  • Practice Problem and Question
  • Evidence Synthesis of the Literature
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix: Summary Table of the Evidence

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