Case consultation base on the movie ((Manchester by the sea).

NOTE: You are required to using a rough draft of your paper, conduct a case consultation and review of your conceptualization paper.

Prepare a formal paper that outlines your case conceptualization on a fictitious character from Manchester by the sea, as if they were coming to you as a client suffering from trauma. In your submission, you will outline your observations, case conceptualization and recommended treatment approach for your client. You will also look at self-care strategies that you would implement for yourself while working with this client.

  1. Prepare a formal paper that outlines your case conceptualization on a fictitious character from a movie, book, or TV show, as if they were coming to you as a client suffering from trauma (refer to the above movie tithe)
  2. The paper will comprise of three sections: a full case conceptualization, treatment approach recommendations, and counsellor discussion of countertransference. 
  3. The case conceptualization section of the paper will include: 
    1. Introduction of the client, with observations of behaviour; 
    1. A full assessment of the client (including assessment strategies you would use to assist you – psychometric tests, etc.); and 
    1. Final overview of your case conceptualization and perceived presenting issue for the client. 
  4. The treatment approach section will include: 
    1. Outline of your selected treatment approach; 
    1. Rationale for selection of treatment approach; and 
    1. A treatment plan that includes resourcing, stabilization, pacing, containment, and affect/arousal management, exposure and resolution of traumatic memories within your treatment plan. 
  5. Challenges and Countertransference Section will include: 
    1. Identifies ways to overcome challenges and countertransference 
    1. Identification of challenges and potential countertransference


  • Required components: Abstract, Title page, and Reference page
  • Length of Assignment: The text body of paper (i.e., not including references, title page or abstract), (i.e., 7 – 8 double-spaced typed pages, Times New Roman font size: 12).
  • Format: Please, format your assignment in Word (files with extension .doc or .docx), or Rich Text Format (files with extension .rtf).
  • References: 12 including reference of the Movie (Manchester by the sea).


The following rubric indicates areas to focus on in preparing your assignment, and how the professor will weigh these compnents relative to one another.

% of Final Grade
1. Case Conceptualization (25%) 
a. Client description/observations
b. Assessment of client
c. Overview and research support
2. Treatment Approach (35%) 
a. Treatment approach
b. Support and rationale for treatment approach
c. Treatment plan
3. Challenges and Countertransference (20%) 
a. Identifies challenges and countertransference
b. Identifies ways to overcome challenges and countertransference
4. Case Consultation Reflection (10%) 
a. Consultation info summary
a. Reflection of consultation experience
5. Writing Style (10%) 
a. Clarity, accuracy, consistency
b. APA style

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