In this paper, you will use APA Format and are tasked with discussing how you would run a training and development department in a large organization. This means that you will apply concepts and theories from class to support your decisions regarding how the department operates. For example, we know that some types of training work well online whereas face-to-face is better in other contexts. So, you would want to explain what technology you would use for different types of training and why. Of course, there are many topics you can choose to cover from the course, so you can limit your focus to 3-6 areas you’re most interested in. Many decisions made regarding the best training and development methods is somewhat subjective in nature.

The purpose of the paper is to have informed opinions, based on research from the book or peer-reviewed journals, as to how you would run different facets of the training and development department. For instance, it gets difficult to measure performance in complex jobs because there’s not a simple output measure such as a number of products produced. So, if measuring performance is more subjective, how can you ensure fairness? Other topics to discuss could be how you would conduct performance appraisals for example. How would you get the most out of a performance appraisal in terms of development? What does research show works? How does a leader maintain a healthy relationship with subordinates throughout the appraisal process? Of course, you can cover the topics you want from the course, but these are just some examples of issues you could discuss. It is important to remember that it is great to have opinions throughout the paper, but it is equally important to support your opinions with empirical evidence from the book or other peer-reviewed sources. See the course schedule for the due date. Late papers will not be accepted.

  1. You’re not limited to these examples and do not have to mention every concept from class as you only have 7-10 pages of text – this does not include the title page, references, or graphics (standard 8.5” x 11” paper). In addition to references from the textbook, search for recent articles and studies to support your decisions.
  2. Must include: APA Format – Title page; Introduction; Main Body; Conclusion; References (bibliography)
  3. Bibliography/references page. Minimum number of references: 3(No Wikipedia)
  4. APA format
  5. Double spaced; computer printed
  6. Font 12 (Times New Roman or Arial only) – Exception for Title Page ONLY.
  7. 1” margins all around
  8. The ONLY formats accepted are: .doc, .docx, or .rtf (NO .wps)
  9. Clearly reference any factual statements at the end of the paragraphs in which they are stated. (Author and year is sufficient – enough to guide the reader to the bibliography).
  10.  Photos; graphics; logos; tables are encouraged but not included in the text pages count.
  11. Submission for this paper will be on blackboard, not through email.


**Title page to include, at minimum:

Title of your work;

Your Name;

Course number; Course name;

name of college;

name of professor;

date submitted.

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