Answer the following 2 questions (part A and part B, 1500 words each):
Question 1: In novel cases, priority should be given to considerations of social policy and distributive justice. To what extent do you agree?

Question 2: LaMarr and Isaac had been in a civil partnership for the last five years. Six months ago, the  couple  adopted  a  five-year-old  girl,  named  Kelly.  From  the  beginning  of  their relationship,  LaMarr had  been verbally abusive  towards  Isaac calling him  names, however,  since  the  adoption  of  their  daughter,  LaMarr  started  becoming  physically abusive  towards  Isaac. PC Malloy, with  Union Police, attended the  flat  three times  on domestic  abuse  claims,  but  LaMarr  was  only  cautioned.  Two  months  ago,  after  a particularly intense fight, LaMarr said to Isaac, ‘I’m leaving! The next time I see you all
alone, I’m going to kill you.’ The Union Police were alerted to this incident, but no further action was taken.
One  week  later,  Isaac  took  Kelly  to  a  nearby  aquarium.  Whilst  there,  Kelly  starts struggling to breathe and becomes red in the face and neck. Isaac rushes Kelly to Union Hospital.  When  they  reach  the  hospital,  they  are  greeted  by  Talla,  the  A&E  nurse
receptionist. Talla glances at Kelly and on her admittance notes, she writes that Kelly is ‘short of breath (mild severity)’. Talla completes the triage notes and Isaac is told to take a  seat  with  Kelly.  Thirty  minutes  later,  Kelly  begins  to  convulse.  She  is  rushed  to  a
treatment  room  where  she  is  immediately  diagnosed  as  suffering  a  severe  allergic reaction. Dr Finn administers an EpiPen and oxygen, however, Kelly suffers minor brain damage due to oxygen deprivation.  
Later that night, after Kelly is admitted to hospital, Isaac returns to his flat to try and get some sleep. Outside, LaMarr sees Isaac enter the flat. Moments later, Isaac hears a knock at the door and looking through the peephole, identifies LaMarr on the other side. Isaac
immediately calls Union Police shouting that his ex-partner was back to kill him. The call receiver, Alara, tells Isaac to ‘calm down and that the police are on their way. You should lock yourself in your flat and under no circumstances should you engage LaMarr – the
police will find you.’ Hearing Isaac on the other side, LaMarr begins banging on the door, trying to get in. Alara rates the call as ‘Category 1 – Immediate Attention’ and assigns the case to Police Constables Mercer and Bortus, who are approximately one mile away from
the  flat.  Police  Sergeant  Grayson,  however,  intercepts  the  call  and  reassigns  it  to  PC Malloy  who  is  just  coming  off  break  approximately  four  miles  away  from  the  flat.
Remembering his key, LaMarr enters the flat and when PC Malloy arrives fifteen minutes later, he  hears the  two men yelling and then a final scream. Isaac has been killed and LaMarr escapes through a window and is in hiding from the police. The police deny any
and all liability based on the Hill principle.  
Advise all parties of their rights and liabilities in Tort.

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