Select one of the following questions and clearly identify which question you are answering. Provide the single best answer for that question together with a 100-word explanation of why you selected the answer. Reply to two other students with your thoughts on their answers to their selected questions.

1. Your company has several UNIX servers on its network. These servers were configured before your employment with the company and before the company established a server security policy. You are concerned about the root account on these UNIX servers. Which security guidelines should you follow?

    1. Disable the root account.
    1. Only allow root login via the remote shell.
    1. Only allow root login via the local console.
    1. Limit administrator access to the root account.

2. Your company has several UNIX servers on its network. An IT co-worker has notified you that they noticed that all of these UNIX servers have an /etc./shadow file. What is the best description of the purpose of this file?

    1. To store password security policy settings
    1. To store user passwords in a protected format
    1. To store user passwords
    1. To store the root password

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