Select one of the following questions and clearly identify which question you are answering. Provide the single best answer for that question together with a 100-word explanation of why you selected the answer. Reply to two other students with your thoughts on their answers to their selected questions.

1. You discover that the C2MyAzz application has infected a computer in your network. What is an effect of this attack?

    1. It monitors network traffic in real time.
    1. It captures user passwords as they are entered.
    1. It distributes incorrect IP address information for a specific host with the intent to divert traffic from its true destination.
    1. It allows others to control the infected computer remotely.

2. To which type(s) of attack are passwords susceptible?

    1. Sniffing
    1. Dictionary
    1. Brute force
    1. Data diddling
    1. Denial of service
    1. Social engineering

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