Please read these instructions carefully and contact your tutor if you require any further clarification. You should submit your completed assignment to your tutor to arrive no later than the cut-off Date (TBC).

 A soft copy of your TMA must be uploaded to the university moodle within the indicated cut-off date. Please leave wide margins and space at the end of each sheet for tutor comments. It is better to use double spacing so that you can easily handwrite corrections to your drafts and tutors have space to include their feedback on the script. Start each question in the assignment on a new page. Any extended text should ideally be word-processed, but, diagrams and accompanying notes may be hand drawn and handwritten and on an A4 paper.

Completing and sending your assignments

When you have completed your TMA, you must fill in the assignment form (PT3), taking care to fill all information correctly including your personal identifier, course code, section & tutor, and assignment number. Each TMA and its PT3 form should be uploaded on the AOU branch moodle within the cut-off date. Late submissions require approval from the branch course coordinator and will be subject to grade deductions. All assignments are treated in strict confidence.

If you feel that you are unable to meet the cut-off date of the TMA because of unusual circumstances, please contact your tutor as soon as possible to discuss a possible extension to the cut-off date.


University Definitions of cheating and plagiarism

According to the University By-laws,

“The following acts represent cases of cheating and plagiarism:

  • Verbatim copying of printed material and submitting them as part of TMAs without proper academic acknowledgement and documentation.
  • Verbatim copying of material from the Internet, including tables and graphics.
  • Copying other students’ notes or reports.
  • Using paid or unpaid material prepared for the student by individuals or firms.
  • Utilization of, or proceeding to utilize, contraband materials or devices in examinations.

Penalty on plagiarism:

The following is the standard plagiarism penalty applied across branches as per Article 11 of the university by-laws:

  1. Awarding of zero for a TMA wherein more than 50% of the content is plagiarized.
  2. Documentation of warning in student record.
  3. Failure in the course to dismissal from the University.

All University programs are required to apply penalties that are consistent with the University   by laws.

Examples of Plagiarism

Copying from a single or multiple source, this is where the student uses one or more of the following as the basis for the whole, or a good part, of the assignment:

  1. Published or unpublished books, articles or reports
  2. The Internet
  3. The media (e.g.TV programs, radio programs or newspaper articles)
  4. An essay from an essay bank
  5. A piece of work previously submitted by another student
  6. Copying from a text which is about to be submitted for the same assignment


This TMA has one question with three parts. You should answer them all. The questions in this assignment are all about different aspects of the process of exploring a complex situation: drawing different kinds of maps of it, recognizing how complex it is, identifying the different perspectives it can be viewed from, and stepping back to reflect on this whole process of exploration to see the strengths and weaknesses of the approach you have adopted, and how you might do it better.

Question 01 (100 % marks)

Read through the attached case study “ZARA: Application of Business Intelligence in Retail Industry. As you read through the case, and based on what you learned in SYS210: Business Driven Technology, tackle the following questions and attempt to answer them using an essay format of no more than 1200 words:

(a)Describe what is meant by information age and the differences between data, information, business intelligence, and knowledge. (400 words, 35% Marks).

 (b) The main aim of business intelligence is to promote better business decision making Critically discuss the above statement and show how ZARA could gain benefit from applying BI (400 words, 35 % marks).


 (c) Demonstrate how ZARA can add value by using Porter’s value chain analysis and use it for measuring customer satisfaction (300 words, 20 % marks).

(d)Reflect on the experiences of working on your TMA and assess how it has developed your understanding of the course concept (100 words, 10 % marks).

General Mark’s deductions of 20% as follows

  • PT3 Form (failure to use the PT3 filled) (deduct up to 5% marks)
  • TMA Presentation and Structure, and word count            (untidy, work way below or above the word count, no display of word count) (deduct up to 5% marks)
  • Referencing and in-text citation (poor referencing and in-text citation, without plagiarism, (deduct up to 10% marks).


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