Time Series Analytics

Retail stores, such as Target and Walmart, along with eCommerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay, rely heavily on the holiday shopping period of October, November, and December to drive their overall revenue. In recent years, these types of retailers have coupled big data with time series analytics to enhance marketing, supply chain, operations, and customer relations.

Using the Internet, identify an example of where a retail company has done this. Your example could be positive or negative, but should clearly include evidence that the company used big data and time series analytics in an effort to improve their revenue. If the example you find does not discuss the use of analytics, it is not a candidate for this discussion. You must select an example that shows that the company used analytics to magnify their business effectiveness through data and analytics activities. Provide a summary of the example you have chosen. Specifically discuss the analytic techniques the company used and what they intended to accomplish through their data-driven activities. Report on the company’s success in their endeavors. If there are negative aspects of their efforts, be sure to highlight those (examples might include errors in their analysis or forecasts, or backlash from consumers for some reason).

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