The following passage is from Willy’s funeral scene:

Biff: There were a lot of nice days. When he’s come home from a trip; or on Sundays, making the stoop; finishing the cellar; putting on the new porch; when he built the extra bathroom; and put up the garage. You know something, Charley, there’s more of him in that front stoop than in all the sales he ever made.

Charley: Yeah. He was a happy man with a batch of cement.

Linda: He was so wonderful with his hands/

Biff: He had the wrong dreams. All, all wrong.

Happy: Don’t say that!

Biff: He never knew who he was.

Explain why Biff says this about Willy, and explain how Biff’s opinion of Willy contributes to his own decision to leave town. Reference at least two key moments in the play to support your claims. 

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