Annotated Bibliography


Anderson, John Q. “Soldier Lore of the War with Mexico.” Western Humanities Review 11 (1957): 321–330. Soldier Lore of the War with Mexico 1957.pdf

Anderson’s article contains information about the struggles soldiers went through while in war. It is explained that Matamoros during the 1840’s was a luxurious place, but only provided service for officers while soldiers had limited access to food.  With the information provided in this article, I will be able to observe how the war was seen or described decades ago. The article provides details which may be helpful to envision War since it was written recently after the event.

Gene M. Brack. “Mexican Opinion, American Racism, and the War of 1846.” The Western Historical Quarterly 1, no. 2 (1970): 161–74.

Brack provides details on the reason behind President Polk’s declaration of War against Mexico. Included in this article, there is also research on Texas Annexation. At this point of time, historians like Brack were still having their concerns on why Mexico did not declare War. From the information provided in this source, readers can envision Mexico’s point of view during this historical event.


Reilly, Tom. “Jane McManus Storms: Letters from the Mexican War, 1846-1848.” The Southwestern Historical Quarterly 85, no. 1 (1981): 21–44 Jane McManus Storms: Letters from the Mexican War, 1846-1848 (

Reilly, just as other historians, has their own point of view about historic events. He can provide information about the start of the Mexican war. Jane McManus Storms was a big contributor to the beginning of this event. The author talks about how Storms sent out letters to a variety of officers during War times. Storm’s story is also provided in this article, how she established herself in New York City, and how she involved herself in Politics.

Watson, Samuel J. “Manifest Destiny and Military Professionalism: Junior U.S. Army Officers’ Attitudes toward War with Mexico, 1844-1846.” The Southwestern Historical Quarterly 99, no. 4 (1996): 467–98.

Watson highlights the idea that military officers did not grasp the professional identity they were provided with during war. The purpose of the paper is to discuss the details of officer’s techniques, or use of their power in their ranking positions. Not much is known through the diary entries and letters of Americans during War.

Early 2000’s:

Brian Delay. “Independent Indians and the U.S.-Mexican War.” The American Historical Review 112, no. 1 (2007): 35–68.

 In this article, Brian Delay provides details about Indians during the War with Mexico. Delay’s perspective about the American invasion in Mexican territory is describes it as a collision of two nations.  At this point of history, Americans continue attempting to create a bad reputation for Indians. Indians were greatly influenced by invaders to have their “savage” behaviors

 McGOWAN, BRIAN M. “The Second Battle of New Orleans: The Crescent City and the Anglo ‘Invasion’ of 1846.” Louisiana History: The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Association 51, no. 1 (2010): 27–40.

McGOWAN provides us with his ideas on how historians used their research when it came to the Mexican War. He highlights the focus of New Orleans studies of Anglos’ and Creoles interactions.  At McGowan thinks of historians as “indifferent” individuals when it came to their research, he believes the Mexican War is not given enough attention by Americans. This article points out the fact that many historians leave out soldier’s experiences during War. It is mentioned by McGowan that historians do not point out the fact that the Mexican-American war affected New Orleans.


Guardino, Peter. “Gender, Soldiering, and Citizenship in the Mexican-American War of 1846—1848.” The American historical review 119, no. 1 (2014): 23–46.

Peter Guardino’s article, “Gender, Soldiering, and Citizenship in the Mexican American War of 1846-1848 provides information of events taken during War. The author speaks of Mexican men contributing to war in order to honor their women, country and religion. Another topic covered by this article is unpleasant behaviors of American soldiers. Guardino includes his idea of how both the Mexican and American forces were similar and felt the need to deploy their citizens. Throughout this source, He points out how their gender, and citizenship were key factors in a soldier’s contribution and effort they put into war.

Connors, Thomas G, and Raúl Isaí Muñoz. “Looking for the North American Invasion in Mexico City.” The American historical review 125.2 (2020): 498–516. Web. Looking for the North American Invasion in Mexico City 2020.pdf

Connors and Munoz article is a story of a group of classmates who were all interested in obtaining more knowledge and grasping closer contact with Mexican American War history. Included in this article is the idea that the War with Mexico has not received enough attention by the U.S. history curriculum. This article contributes to history with photographs of monuments built in Mexico City explaining the battle events.

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