Hi this tutorial is intended to show you how to create a presentation in ePortfolio. 

Before we get started, please be sure that you have reviewed the tutorial for Accessing ePortfolio and Uploading Artifacts, because that is necessary in order to create a presentation. 

So you’re ready to get started! In the My Items area of ePortfolio you’re going to click this tab here that says New Presentation

When you click that tab, a new window is going to open up that has a lot of options.

Essentially what you’re doing with the ePortfolio presentations tool is you’re creating a little mini website to collect your artifacts and present them to someone, either your instructor, or potentially an employer or someone outside of your course.

To be able to do that, there are a lot of components that you need to be able to address and describe, to be able to get that website to look right.

A part of those are going to be the content and layout, so making some decisions about how you want your content to lay out and which artifacts or components you want added.

You’re going to title your website or presentation so that you have your title and a potential description of the top, and then you’re going to select a theme for your presentation, which are just a series of different colors and pictures and things that you can cater to a different audience just based on what your overall presentation goal might be.

There are about 3 Pages worth of themes that you can choose from.

So before I get in and show you all the details on how to set it up, I want to show you what the final website I created looks like.

So this is a presentation that I created using ePortfolio.

I created a main content-area describing what the presentation purpose was, as well as two additional pages that had artifacts uploaded that people can review. 

So let’s go back into the main area where you can describe the different pieces of your presentation.

On that very first tab in the presentation window you’re going to name your presentation/website and also have a description.

These details are really just for you to better identify which presentation you have in your long list of items in the My Items area of ePortfolio.

So this isn’t necessarily going to make it to see, no one will see this on your presentation, so you can describe it however you want. 

The second tab is for your content and your layout.

When you first see this area it’s going to be fairly blank.

You’ll see a Pages – that’s just kind of grayed out, and then your first content area.

So in this area you’ll have this component here or I’m sorry this… content area box, and you’ll drop that down and just see Page Properties and you’ll want a name that page whatever you want it to be, and then you can also elect to not have the title of that page display in the navigation that that shows up on the left so that’s how I created this first one. 

When you want to create another page, what you’ll do is click this icon here that says New page and when you click that the very first thing comes up, the Page Properties screen, so you’ll name that page, elect if you want to have it displayed in the navigation on the left and then you’ll hit Save.

When you have that page open for the first time and it’s been saved you’ll then see an area pop up off to the right that allows you to add components.

You can see that down here.

And all you’ll do is click Add Component and search for the artifact that you want to add to that page.

So in this example for this second page that I’ve created I’ve added these two artifacts.

I also indicated that comments would be enabled so whoever you’re sending your presentation to can add a comment to those items for review purposes, if that is necessary as part of your assignment.

Then and you can see here I’ve created the third page and I’ve added two additional artifacts and in this case I did not have comments enabled.

So, as you’re going through and you’re setting up the pages just know you have a lot that you can play with, you’re not going to make a mistake. It’s really just for your eyes only until you decide to share it.

So, I would encourage you to play around with these different settings and try to create a presentation that truly is yours.

In this area on the third tab labeled Banner you can add a title and a description. So, if you remember in the presentation that I showed, I didn’t have a description here. I’m going to add a quick description, so you can see what that would look like.  And in this case it populated off here to the right.

And the final thing is just selecting your theme and again you can do this over and over trying all the different themes.

So, let’s say in this case we wanted to select this one instead. Then we would set the theme, and I could come here to the presentation and refresh.

And now it looks very different.

So, those are the settings that you have for creating a presentation. 

I hope this was helpful and wish you luck in creating your first presentation.

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