Answers are expected to be thoughtful, substantive and in your own words. Answers should also include reference to concepts covered in the course material, where appropriate, to illustrate that you have a grasp of and can apply them.  You are encouraged, and should feel free, to use outside sources where appropriate to support your arguments.  Remember to use citations when needed.

 Discussion Questions:

  1. Should the Pepsi brand team have continued to fund the Pepsi Project in 2011?
  • If the Pepsi team continues to fund Pepsi Refresh in 2011, what changes would you make to the program to better achieve the brand’s objectives?
  • Is the Pepsi brand team focused on the right metrics to measure success?  What is the value of consumer engagement?  How should they calculate the value of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and the billions of impression generated by the Pepsi Refresh Project?
  • Do you agree with Pepsi’s decision to not advertise during the 2010 Super Bowl? Why? What did they gain and what did they sacrifice by moving marketing dollars from traditional advertising?  Should they advertise Pepsi Refresh Project on the 2011 Super Bowl?
  • Is Pepsi the right brand for a cause marketing program like the Pepsi Refresh Project?  Why or why not?

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