Assignment 1

The organisation and delivery of a group event in a digital format, including generation of a digital marketing plan (3000 words).

This assignment is worth 60% of the total mark awarded for this module.

Assessment Criteria

This assignment is assessed against the following criteria:

LOAssessment Criteria%
1Apply new knowledge and awareness of contemporary industry practice to a digital event10
2Identify and discuss digital futures for events management10
4Engage professionally with the group project, demonstrating a mature approach and clear ability to originate, develop and complete projects in a timely and equitable manner, with others, utilising effective listening, negotiating, persuasion and presentation skills30
6Develop and deliver an electronic marketing strategy for a digital event, communicating at an advanced level using a range of media30
7Exhibit understanding of established techniques of research and enquiry in your application to event management20


The following guidance is designed to help you respond to the assessment criteria in a clear and structured manner. You should also refer to the Assignment 1 discussion forum, which contains links to previous examples of student work and a podcast, with further spoken guidance.

You are required to design, plan, deliver and evaluate a small scale event with a digital aspect. This is to be completed as group work – the groups are created by the Course Team and shared by Week 2 of the Module. Each group is required to deliver their event/s with a two week ‘window’ of time from 13 – 26 March 2022.

The exact timeframe for each event will be agreed with each group i.e. if you run a viral campaign, this may last for up to ten days; if you deliver a workshop, conference or a performance, this may last for one to seven hours, and be delivered over one or more days.

Please note: event duration is not a marker of quality – the timeframe of the event should be appropriate to its design and intention.

Each group is required to submit specific planning documentation of the design, organisation and delivery of the event, with a particular focus on the digital marketing plan. Please note: you need to conduct project monitoring and evaluation – this data will support each group member to complete Assignment 2, the Individual Report.

We strongly recommend the event is modest in scale, with each element thoughtfully designed, allowing your group the capacity to demonstrate best practice through manageable execution of both documentation and delivery.

A list of previous student events can be downloaded here.Download downloaded here.

If you have ambitions for the concept on a greater scale, you might usefully consider this assignment as a pilot project for the larger initiative, to be conducted at a later date.

Suggested Assignment Structure

The documentation should be written as though for an outsourced event manager who is taking over the delivery of your project. It needs to be both thorough and concise. It is strongly recommended you use the following structure:

  1. Title Page (not included in word count)

Title of event, all student names with student numbers, date of submission, course and module code, word count and collective declaration of independent work.

  • Contents Page (not included in word count)

List of all headings and subheadings, including appendices, and all figures with corresponding page number.

  • Executive Summary (max 200 words – not included in word count)

Brief outline of the event – a simple and clear statement of the project.

  • Event Concept and Rationale (600 words)

It is important you provide a referenced rationale that succinctly describes and evidences the need for the event. This could include a series of referenced statements that identify the event will be of value / importance / benefit to the identified target market and / or client. It also needs to identify why the digital aspect is best delivered using a virtual, hybrid or broadcast methodology.

This section could also usefully include key aims of the event (maximum of three) and measurable objectives, which evidence precisely how each of the aims will be met.

  • Organisation and Delivery Documentation (1000 words)

To include completed versions of: 

Guidance on these elements can be found in core event management texts, such as:

  • BOWDIN, G. 2011. Events management , Third Edition. Burlington, Mass: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann
    • RAJ, Razaq., Paul. WALTERS and Tahir. RASHID. 2009. Events management: an integrated and practical approach. Los Angeles: SAGE.
    • SHARPLES, Liz, Philip CROWTHER, Daryl MAY and Chiara OREFICE. 2014.  Strategic event creation . Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers.
  • Digital Marketing Plan (1400 words) 

The marketing plan for the event is a core aspect of this assignment. You are expected to demonstrate the planning and execution of a SMART marketing campaign using digital tools. In essence, your campaign must be:

Specific (simple, sensible, significant)

Measurable (meaningful, motivating)

Achievable (agreed, attainable)

Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based)

Time bound (time-based, time limited, time / cost limited, timely, time-sensitive)

Throughout the weekly content, you will undertake activities and tasks which will enable you to complete this element of the assignment. Your digital marketing plan should make use of the following frameworks and tools, featuring research and content specific to your event project:

  • Marketing mix
    • Customer segmentation
    • SOSTAC (including a SWOT and a PESTLE analysis)
    • RACE
    • Content management plan

Recommended reading please use these books below to source references and other Market research sources.

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