Essay question:

QUESTION/ESSAY 1: ANTIFA, radicals, extremists or terrorists? How would you describe/label the group and why? Do you agree with the terrorist label? Are there actually any grounds to consider a group like ANTIFA as terrorist/violent extremists?

QUESTION/ESSAY 2: ISIS Returnees: redeemable or lost cause? How should we tackle this phenomenon? What are the options? 

  • The total length should be 1250 words max for each question. (give or take 10% up or down, not counting bio and footnotes).
  • There are two separate questions/essays and you should ANSWER THEM BOTH IN TWO SEPARATE PIECES of 1250 words max each (although, please submit in one single document). Keep to the maximum number of words!!!!
  • Answer the questions posed: DO NOT CHANGE THE TITLE OF THE ESSAY. The phrasing of the questions has been carefully thought.
  • Everyone is entitled to her/his opinion, but that opinion needs to be backed by solid arguments, examples, references….remember, this needs to be a serious piece of writing. I don´t have a particular issue against dictionaries but if you are going to work from a definition of any concept, please try to go beyond the basics (a dictionary) and use more specialised sources/authors.

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