1. As we enter Homecoming season,  we wil explore the You Tube documentary “Tell them We Are Rising” (click on link below) which disclose the story of the evolution of  Historically Black Colleges (HBCUs) in America and other relevant figures known in American history that you may not have the privilege to know in your k-12 education. Therefore, as a product of an HBCU, it is imperative that I share such information to the future educators. As such, review the movie and answer the following questions:

 EACH of your response WILL contain at least 200 words per response. Be mindful, I will check and points will be deducted if students do not meet the 200-word count. Therefore, be sure to elaborate on each of your answers. 

The one source on the reference page should be only the documentary.

  1. Explain the meaning behind the title of the documentary ”Tell Them we are Rising”?
    1. Why were HBCUs originally created?
    1. What was the purpose of education as explained by WEB Dubois and Booker T Washington? Compare and contrast their arguments.
    1. In present times, 2022, Do you agree with Booker T. Washington or WEB Dubois’ philosophy? People of color should go to work or college?
    1. Identify 3 reasons / benefits of attending an HBCU as presented in the documentary?
    1. What was the tragedy surrounding the incident at Southern University (1972)?
    1. How do we get HBCUs to promote and thrive in terms of student enrollment and greater awareness?
    1.  Cite an incident in which HBCU college students participated in civil rights?
    1.  What did you gain from this documentary?
    1. How would you use the information derived from this documentary in your role as an educator

Tell Them We Are Rising: The History of HBCUs in America – YouTube

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