To write an essay examining the value of the superconcept “Evolution” for a problem or question in an academic discipline – as defined by Sir Alan Wilson. The discipline I have chosen is religion and religious fiction. As religious fiction is a sub-discipline, you should justify your understanding of it as a discipline in some way. You can phrase the title however you wish, but the structure of the essay should follow an: intro, argument, counter-argument, counter counter-argument, conclusion structure.

I would like to argue if  “the evolution of religious beliefs dries that of religious fiction or if religious fiction plays a part in evolving religious beliefs more”. In the essay, Sir Alan Wilson’s definition of evolution and a superconcept must be added and his book “Knowledge Power” MUST be referenced.

“We expect that you will demonstrate an understanding of the principle of a superconcept; in practice, this means an engagement with the idea as it is outlined in Sir Alan Wilson’s book Knowledge Power.

In addition, we expect you to demonstrate an understanding of the superconcept you are working with.

​​Your essay may evaluate the value of a superconcept for a problem or question in a discipline in which it has already been deployed; or, it may demonstrate the value of a superconcept in a discipline in which it has not yet made inroads.

Your essay is likely to be of interest to someone working on a problem or question in a discipline. It should make a point: there should be a reason for you to write it and a reason for your reader to read it. You should make clear to your reader what that reason is.

In other words, your essay should have a valuable impact in the disciplinary context you are working in, either because your evaluation of the use of a superconcept in a discipline where it has already been deployed is illuminating, or because you can show that it can have a valuable application in a discipline where it has not yet had a significant impact.”

Previous Examples of this assignment:

There is a strict upper limit of 2,000 words 

Referencing style should be Harvard

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