Submit work and answers for 2 homework problems from chapter II(sections 3.1,  3.2, 3.3, or 3.4  # 2- 90). Select any  2  even homework problems form the given menu. Do not select homework from the same section. Write down the original homework problems. For instance, you may submit work and answer for 1 problem from section 3.4 and one from section 3.2, you are done. To avoid duplication of the same homework questions, please write your homework selection in the subject line of your post and read the subject line of each of you classmate post before submitting your work. A single answer without work is not acceptable. Please, show where you’re getting your answers from. You may use MS Word to type your work, or you may show your work and answers on a piece of paper, take a picture of it or scan it and attach it to your post.  These homework problems must be selected straight from the ebook, not from your MLS study plan. To access the e-book, access MyLabStat login to (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. select the course and click on e-text. On the upper left menu, click on the 4-line icon and select the chapter and section that you want to work on.

I picked out the questions I want you to answer for PART A

CH 3 Section 3.3  #27

Question 27- A random sample of 250 working adults found that 74% access the Internet at work, 88% access the Internet at home, and 72% access the Internet at both work and home. Find the probability that a person in this sample selected at random accesses the Internet at home or at work.

Answer and show work here :

CH 3 Section 3.2 #19

in Exercises 19 determine whether the events are independent or dependent. Explain your reasoning.

Question 19- Tossing a coin four times and getting four heads, and then tossing it a fifth time and getting a head

Answer and show work here:


 Assignment B ( MLS)

a)Use the random number generator features in MyLab Statistics to generate 10  Diastolic blood pressures between 70 mm hg and 100 mm Hg. you may Excel to generate the numbers or  make up your own number between 70 and 100. Find the mean, variance, standard deviation  , and the coefficient of variations  for two patients (Janet & James) for 10 straight days.

Dr. Courtney measured and recorded James and Janet’s diastolic blood pressures for 10 straight days for a particular study.  Here are the results for each patient for that 10-day period. Yours will be different than the following sets of data:

(Janet’s DBP)                                                        James’s DBP

81                                                                                           90

84                                                                                           81

85                                                                                           98

85                                                                                           86

80                                                                                           70

78                                                                                           80

81                                                                                           100

83                                                                                           90

77                                                                                           78

78                                                                                           83

You will use a random number generator in MYLab Statistics to generate 10 Diastolic blood pressure numbers between 70, and 100 for each patient or you can simply make up your numbers.

a)Find the mean, variance,  standard deviation,  and the coefficient of variation (C.V)

b)Conduct an analysis within one standard deviation and 2 standard deviations of the mean 

c) State Which DBP was more consistent during that 10- day period?

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